Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy times are family times

The previous weekend we were stuck without any electricity for four hours on the Saturday night.

It was a perfect time to sit outside, enjoying the sunset, and braaiing (barbequing). We lit the candles when it got dark.

We came to the realization how we do not need anything to be able to enjoy ourselves. Mother Nature gave us the most beautiful sunset, and we had each other for company! Dries and me, with the teen and toddler. With the dog in-between, of course! We played each other songs from our cell-phones after we had our meal.

We did it again, this weekend; on Friday evening. (Although we did not have any problems with the electricity.) Dries made us breakfast as well on Saturday morning. It was glorious weather all round, although we are beginning to feel the pinch of autumn arriving.

We need more times like these... Spending time with each other without any distractions!

Photo: Mieka on Friday evening, walking around in the garden.


  1. Hello :)
    I have a blog award for you on my blog..come and collect it!

  2. The most wonderful times I agree! And I love that time with my kids.

  3. Amen to that! Long for family visits without the television having to be ON all the time! Those are the times one remember around the campfire or just enjoying the "silence" together. The could be an Earth Hour each month!

  4. To me there is nothing better than quality time with my family. Without the usual distractions. Makes you realise just how much we have in our lives that distracts us from those we love.

  5. Ah, thanks, RockMom! You are making my day! :D


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