Thursday, 23 August 2012

When a daughter of 19 gets ripped away...

I have heard the saddest news ever...
That news that every parent dreads to hear, and never ever wants to hear.

A young girl of 19 who was on her way from university got killed in a car accident on Tuesday. It is the daughter of the niece of a friend.

The news twisted my stomach in knots, because she is the same age as my daughter.
She is also a first-year at the same university my daughter goes to!
And she died on the death-trap of a road going to Potchefstroom.

That road was one of the main reasons I first told my daughter that she could not even consider going to that university...

I worry each time she gets a lift coming home, or going back. The one and half hour drive keeps me checking my BBM until she is safe!

Somebody said yesterday that I should keep watch over my children. As if we can keep our children safe from harm in everything they do...

Dear Daughter, I hope you stay safe in everything you do! Even if you sometimes decide to stay out late, or get up to some mischief! (I love that you are enjoying your life!)
But please come home to us!

Peace to Vanessa and her family!
RIP Melissa!


  1. Oh sad and scarey...Big Hugs xx

  2. You can only pray for your children's safety.

  3. That is so very sad. We as parents can only pray the Lord's protection over our beloved children and trust Him to keep them safe.

  4. That is so sad. Must say, it is one of my worst fears, I think it must be so for all parents.

  5. So very, very sad.


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