Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The sky is falling on our heads! Please!

We've got a bit of a cold spell going on in South Africa.

There's reports of some sort of rain ice-rain sleet snow falling in some part, and we are all making updates about the weather!

It is big excitement here!

Snow is not something that we see here on a daily basis. 
Not even on a yearly basis...

We ran out from our office when somebody told us that she is seeing something here in Johannesburg, but except for a few wet drops on the paving, there was nothing to see and to report...

I am thinking of my children who is at university and at pre-primary school, presumably freezing... Hope not!
While I am warm and snug in my office cubicle! (*Guilty!*)

Have you seen the snow?

Yes, we've got snow! (12:00 pm)

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  1. Enjoy the snow and hope everything turn's picture perfect white!! Walking in a winter wonder land ;-)


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