Thursday, 16 August 2012

Poetry of a Hobo Mama - We are never alone

Poetry of a Hobo Mama
Lauren Wayne
I am reading my first poetry on my Kindle, which is Poetry of a Hobo Mama, the first three years, by Lauren Wayne.

I am really enjoying the honest look into motherhood. I have been following Hobo Mama's blog for a very long time. (She is in my blog list.)

I love her honesty as well as her excursions with attachment- and natural parenting style.

The poetry is a raw and honest account of pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, babies and motherhood. As she accounts her struggles to read and to go out to the theatre and do the things they used to do before baby, she also writes about her love for her baby and her husband.

I am copying one of the poems. One of the most poignant life-altering changes that new parents have to cope with. "Mothers are never alone" But is also a reminder to me that mothers also share the same journey, and in that we are never alone!

It helps to read about another's journey in motherhood.

Mothers are never alone

I don't have that space anymore
a hole to fill

left to my thoughts
or devices
or skin.

Even visits to the bathroom
accompanied always
by someone to talk to me
and demand his due.

Like a queen
on a throne.

Like a queen
with courtiers
and chamber servants
and everywhere a face
everywhere a voice.

Only it is I
who serve them.
                                    April 2010

Poetry makes it sound so much better!


  1. ..then one day your little chicks leave the nest and then you are really alone again...and aching to have these moments back. Crazy and mixed up;-)

  2. Aw, thank you so much for your kind review! This was such a sweet surprise to see in my feed. I'm always glad to hear another mama connecting with the poetry — our experiences really are much the same as one another's, and it's so heartwarming and healing to share that.

    And Lynette is right on the mark, too! I'm trying to enjoy these little-kid-full days, jumbled and noisy as they are. :)


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