Thursday, 30 August 2012

We are not from this earth

Toddlers are extremely wise. They are born with the wisdom of ages.

We are in constant "disagreements" with our Toddler about the most basics of life and how things are showing up!

It sometimes makes you stop and wonder as well.
Why do we say or do things in a certain way?
Why do we believe in what we believe?

She has it sorted already!
She KNOWS stuff!

A case in point is the fact of telling her about the earth.
"We are not staying on the earth!"
"The earth is in the dark!"
"The earth is between the stars!"
(It seems that showing her YouTube videos of the earth turning, and shots from satellites did not make it easier for her to understand.)

She is adamant that "We are here!" and "The earth is up there!"

It is going to take a bit of convincing, it seems! (*trying to hide my smile*)


  1. So cute...a difficult concept for such a young one.

  2. She's a bit too young to understand in now, give it time. As she grows older she will get it.


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