Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Reasons why I consider Honest Toddler to be mandatory reading

If you have not heard of Honest Toddler by know, you should do yourself a favour and go and check out the Twitter feed as well as the blog.

I see it as as mandatory to follow him on his daily perspectives and utterances on life as a toddler.

It is mandatory as a survival technique for parents of toddlers.

If not recognising most of the Honest Toddler's take on life in your own child, it is also a sneak peak in the life of the parents of Honest Toddler.

They have their quirks and "addictions" while trying to parent a whimsical psychopath personality trying to get into the "big bed". Which is usually the big score! Or "cake"! Whichever comes first!

Some funnies:

- The blog post about fruit and how it should be presented to a toddler. Apparently not all fruit are equal, and fruit with any discolourings or bad spots are regarded with disapproval.
I love the bananas part! Yes, we should not expect them to eat the whole thing when it has been peeled. And, most importantly, always ask first before doing anything with a fruit!

- The toilet playing adventures on Twitter are a rich source of fun for the toddler, and I love the parents' reaction: "Mama is supervising with her special juice"

- The big bed as the ultimate goal each night. "Woke up in the big bed. Dreams can come true."

- The blog post about the animals. Not as funny, because it seems that the poor fish had died under mysterious circumstances and that the cat had jumped out of the window.

- At the office: "Did a quiet pee. Shhhhhh"
                          "Changed into emergency pants in the hallway. Stranger saw my bum bum LOL"

- And of course the potty training adventures... It's hilarious. The Twitter bio says it all: "Not potty trained. Not trying."

Honest Toddler on Twitter: @honesttoddler
Honest Toddler blog: Honest Toddler

Thanks, Honest Toddler! You help me understand my own toddler much better!

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