Friday, 31 August 2012

I need this for future

The Toddler has been voluntarily washing our dishes for the past week.
(It is not everything, only the stuff that does not fit in the dishwasher.)

And she does a good job of it too!

I thought I would put it up here, so that we can use it in future as blackmail evidence:

- "Look, you used to love doing the dishes!"
- "You started very young! No reason you can't do it now!"
- "Even at three and a half you did a good job of it!"
- "You used to volunteer to do the dishes!"
- "You kept on asking for more dishes and stuff to wash!"


  1. And next she will be meeting her Prince Charming, go to a Ball, lose her slipper, and get married.

  2. Awesome. When they are willing they aren't able and when they are able they aren't!

  3. They might think you are using slave labour here in the UK. Kids are not allowed to even think he he

  4. lol..good luck with that...very cute helping :)

  5. Think is how she plays lol being good kid at same tym.

  6. Nice that's her way to play in the kitchen and being a good kid at sametym.


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