Sunday, 2 September 2012

Another adventure for our budding mountaineer

The Harties Cableway at Hartebeespoortdam is a great way to spend a day on a mountain.

Especially since we don't have The Mountain (the Table one), or The Berg (Drakensberge).

But this is definitely not bad, and there is great views all round.

I was the one that hold my breath going up and down. The kids were not fazed at all!

Although the queue was long, it was not a bad wait with the curio shop and restaurant nearby...


And we were really glad the cablecars did not look like this anymore

They opened the new cableway in the middle of this year, which is a big improvement on the previous cableway.

(I remember somebody fell out of a cablecar?)

Definitely a great place to take the kids!


  1. Yes, that mountain in Hartbeespoortdam is a great reminder of telling you why aren't you living in Cape Town yet?

  2. Looks like a Womderful family outing

  3. Looks like fun...I didn't realise you have cable cars in GP.


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