Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The pink house and the little sister

She has her own pink house which is far away. It is a light pink house. (Light pink is the favourite colour!)

Sometimes the house is as far away as London, and we will have to drive and drive and drive to get there...
Sometimes it is in the clouds, but she is adamant it is not like the "Up"-movie house with the balloons...

We are only allowed to come and visit when we are good! Mostly we are threatened that we won't be allowed!

She has a pink car as well, but it is too small for me to ride with her!

She has a little sister who is very small small. A tiny kind of small. She is younger, but it seems she knows stuff! The little sister stays in the pink house.

She has a number of dogs that stays at the house as well!

When she grows up to be in Grade R (the ultimate goal for a three-year old), she will be at University as well (where her sister is now).

Some of the stories that we are being told each day...

I hope her dreams only get bigger!


  1. Well, Einstein did say that "Imagination will take you everywhere, knowledge will only take you from A to B"

  2. On this photo the resemblance to you and your older daughter is remarkable.


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