Friday, 28 September 2012

Tinkerbell practise

The perfect dress for the upcoming birthday!!

It is more than two months away, but the promises or threats are being made!
"You can come to my party!"
"Mom/Dad, you won't be allowed to come to my party!"

Her elder sister saw it at A-C-Kermans and bought it, as she knew it is perfect for the party!

It is the last day at pre-primary school before the holidays and the teacher said they could wear their dresses!

She is also wearing her princess shoes, which she kept on through the night. Luckily I could convince her to only put the dress on this morning...

Happy weekend and holidays!

Where are you going?
(We are not going anywhere *jealous*)

Our Pinterest Board for the Tinkerbell Party is here.

Tinkerbell Party ideas on Pinterest

There are great ideas available!

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  1. Sy lyk soos 'n regte prinsessie. Ek weet sommer dat die verjaardag 'n wonderlike partytjie gaan wees.


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