Friday, 21 September 2012

45 Months


We are just trying to keep up with her!

Not everything she does is our parenting at fault. "Girls playing with girls" is her perception of life at the moment, and we can only help her to to see that not everything is as "pink" and "blue" as she believes it is!

She is becoming her own person more and more.

Humour helps us to negotiate the toddler tantrums. It really works!

Talking and reasoning is becoming much easier, and we haven't seen another Mommy taxi-meltdown after we said enough is enough!

At this very moment I am sitting and drinking an extra coffee before I go to pick her up from after-care. I asked her if she wants to be fetched early, or if she wants to play with her friends.

Guess what? She wants to play with her friends!

And that is all good!

That is how it is supposed to be!

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