Friday, 14 September 2012

What is wrong with dancing?

Nothing at all!

Our Toddler loves it, and request us to put on some dancing music for her almost every day!

It is fun, and it is good for her!

She also asks us to join her, and Mom and Dad get a bit of exercise as well.

In earlier days there were some of us who were not allowed to dance, except when dancing "for the Lord!" (Strange times! Maybe it is still persistent even today?)

Luckily I did not not have the same restrictions, but I know of people who danced even more because they were not allowed...

It just makes me realise that the more we restrict our children, the more they rebel and do exactly the opposite!

I hope we will do better parenting, and that our "restrictions" are valid!

Were you also forbidden to dance? Did you dance in any case?


  1. No, I'm not that old I was alowed to dance whenever I wanted to...I came out of the womb dancing and then the doctors also burst out into dancing......Actually I made that last 7 words up.

  2. She is too CUTE!!!!! And looks just like you in this shot :)

  3. I love dancing and often do with my DH and a lot of times with my grandbabies;-) Nothing wrong with that.


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