Thursday, 20 September 2012

Not our parenting at fault

We are still struggling with the "girls play with girls" attitude of our Toddler.

Last night was a case in point. They were happily playing on the playground, but the Toddler came back each time to report in tears:

"The boys want to play police!" (Soooo?)

"He bumped into me!"

"He does not want to leave me alone!"

"The boy has a dirty mouth!" (After which his elder sister had to go and fetch a wet wipe to wipe his mouth!)

No matter how many times we tell her that it is totally play to play with boys, she has her own ideas!

The same with colours: pink is for girls, and blue and green for boys.

That blue summer dress is not going to be worn, it seems... (I have attempted to slip it by her a couple of times already, but up until now it has not worked.)

I just want to categorically state that we do not raise her or teach her to be this sexist!

It makes me aware that not everything the little ones reflect are the product of our parenting...

They are born different people!

How do I change these perceptions?

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  1. I say just chill and don't sweat this. She's still little, the right boy just hasn't crossed her path yet. All you need to do is keep on taking her to playgrounds and just maybe one day she will find a boy to hold hands with and they will play happily together on the playground.


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