Monday, 17 September 2012

This Dad rocks it!

I had a breakfast date on Saturday, and Hubby took the Toddler with him for breakfast.
(Something I suspect he is quite keen to do, because he gets a lot of attention when he is alone with her.)

He had just ordered the drinks when there was an announcement that the Toddler had an accident in her pants. The stomach bug kind of accident...

Hubby was not fazed at all, but made a makeshift plan with the panties in the toilets. He's not one of those dads who you will find gagging...

They had to hurry along with breakfast, but after a second "explosion" it was time to go...

I found them at home in a good routine of extra panties, and wet wipes (toilet paper is too harsh, apparently!), and glasses of water and cool drinks standing around to keep the hydration up.

And that is how the rest of our weekend went!

We could at least do a breakfast (photo at D'Ouwe Werf in Broadacres) on Sunday and laze around because she did not feel unwell...

Luckily she clutched out at six last night, and this morning she was all well again.

This is the second weekend that has gone by with some sort of bug pestering us!

How was you weekend?


  1. Shame man! Glad she's better!
    Mine was a super full weekend..I'm totally drained from it..but at least is was a sick free one! x

  2. Oh Boy! Poor little thing, glad all ok now

  3. I hope that her stomach has settled. You have a good man there...a few of us are very blessed indeed;-)


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