Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Humour saves us from a full-blown toddler tantrum

Toddlers and tantrums are synonymous! (Heck, yes!)

And by now we have seen all the types and forms and manifestations of the worst of the worst of tantrums!

It is not a pleasant sight!
It does not help the harmonious atmosphere in any home!
And it is extremely embarrassing when out of the family home!

I don't know of how many times I have put on my straight face walking with a screaming toddler when it doesn't help to talk to her or try to calm her down. She gets even more upset! It only helps to pick her up and walk out of a situation at that point in time!

We as parents know when it is starting to build up to one:
- It starts with a whine...
- It starts with a "NO!"
- It starts with a mouth hanging upside down on the ground...
- It starts with a heap of toddler on the floor...
- It starts with a toddler, and no reason whatsoever (or one that we can fathom!)

We know all the signs of a threatening tantrum!

I have found one thing that works almost all of the times!
Making a toddler joke!

For example: When the Toddler is in the car and we are driving and she starts asking for something:
"I want a sweet from the shop!"
"Yes, we will buy a sweet the next time we are at the shops!"
"I want a sweet... (Repeat 50 times with increase in volume and whine!)
"Yes, we will buy next time!" (Repeat 50 times!)
When the pitch starts to change to tantrum mode, I usually ask her if I must stop on the pavement and get a sweet from the pavement / or from the man walking / or from the trees / or from the sky...
She answers with a laugh: "No, it is not there! We must get it in the shops!"
The joke averts the imminent tantrum, and she starts to focus on something else!

It has helped me to not become too serious, and it also lightens the mood!

Now I only have to come up with funny creative retorts!
Any ideas?


  1. LOL! You are very creative. I remember that I once lay on the floor with my middle child and I kicked and screamed just like him and soon his tantrum turned into giggles.


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