Monday, 20 August 2012

Mommy taxi melt-downs

Last week was the final straw in my daily rejection episodes with the Toddler...

She had a total fit again when I went to pick her up, screaming angrily at me, and even hitting me.
I tried (again) to reason with her, and finally just let her vent!
She said stuff like I have a "black heart" and that she is not my child any more!

All this time with a colleague as well in the car, feeling very ashamed of letting things get out of control!

But that was the final straw!

When I got home I told her dad that that was the last time she had done this!

We told her that she cannot continue doing this. If she does it once more, she will be returned to the after-care, and we will only go to fetch her just before they close. Her dad focused on more on how she hurts me with her behaviour, and it seems that it made an impact. We also told her that it is not possible for her dad to go and fetch her most of the afternoons.
Which we have told her many times...

It seems that the reason for her behaviour is that her special friend Jade at school has a dad who comes to pick her up...

So far it seems that our talk has worked, and I will carry out my threat to leave her there!

How would you handle it?


  1. Oh they onoe just how to press our buttons, don't they? I would have done exactly the same

  2. They do start early:-) They know just how to get under our skins. I would probably do exactly what you did.

  3. That's good, keep talking to her. You don't want this behaviour to carry on as she grows older.

  4. yip, I would probably have done the same thing. In fact, when Gem used to do the tantrum thing somewhere public, I did in fact walk away, probably a bit mean, but it worked...


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