Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekend of three

Photo report.
The student had to stay in for the weekend at the university, so we  had a weekend with the Toddler only.
We missed her, but luckily the holidays are right around the corner...

It started with a braai....

The last  gymnastics before the holidays.

Tiny Tumbles

Art work by the Toddler on a lazy Saturday afternoon...
(It was worth a good half an hour of peace.)

Scissor & lots of paper on the floor

We discovered Primi Life at Lifestyle which has a lovely play area for children.

Sunday was spent in the beautiful Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.
We saw the eagles, and breathed a bit of fresh air.
I don't know why we don't come here more often, it is so beautiful!

View from the bird hide
Of course we had to go on the train!
And Benji the dog got his last summer cut before winter starts!
Look at that face!

Another weekend, please!

Hope you also had a great one?


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I had great fun in your part of the world. Pity the drive there is so rough at the moment with roadworks(almost 5 hours on Friday instead of 3).

  2. Ah, looks like you had a nice time! The botanical gardens sure is beautiful. Wish I lived closer to take my boys!

  3. Fabulous weekend just enjoying and soaking up the sun!

  4. Oh looks fantastic xx

  5. Looks like a great one. Walter Sisulu is really beautiful


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