Friday, 16 March 2012

Morning's first photo - Wave

A wave from the upstairs window at school...
It dries up most of the teary goodbyes every morning!

It's Friday! (Yes, it's Friday!!)

The fire-brigade is coming for a visit to school today.
They had a whole week of colouring in fire-trucks, songs about firemen, and yesterday they painted a fire with their fingers. Bright red and orange!

It is a much better idea than making a real fire...
(That's what I thought they would be doing during Bak-en-brou yesterday. Not such a good idea for inquisitive little ones!)

I kept calm and I did not send the angry sms.
Hubby is arriving tonight! (Still not a word...)

I started with a Phat Challenge at work, and lunch-times will now be spent in the gym.
I have finally gotten my head in sync with a healthy me!
The challenge was done on Wednesday. I sent an email on the same day to ask if they could still accommodate me. (Of course they could!)
The dietician is paid, and the meal plans and exercise plans are in a folder on my desk!

The Before-Photos are really not where I want to be...
(I'll show it when I have the "After-photos" :D)

Watch me!

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