Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ways to beat Mondays

It seems I am always complaining about Mondays:
It's a Blue Monday
Blue Mondays and a Goggatjie-break
What do you say on a Monday?
One Groundhog day please! #parentingfail do-over

But there are ways to beat the Monday Blues:

- Have your birthday on the bluest of days. It will not stay blue!
- Take a day's leave from work or the normal rat-race-running.
- Get a partner-in-crime to take a day off as well!
- Drop the kid/s at school.
- Go for a long and big breakfast at a favourite restaurant.
- Go shopping, uninterrupted!
- See a movie!
- Do a coffee/tea/cappuccino.
- Get a scenic view and enjoy!

I did all of those, except the last point yesterday!
(We did the scenic view on Saturday at Glen Afric)

It was my birthday, and Hubby also took leave to spent it with me!
We did a lot of inner gloating of seeing everybody rushing off to work...

It was a great way to spend a birthday and forget about adding another number.
(I'll think of adding it again on another birthday!
Who needs a new number every year, in any case? So overrated!)

Bring it on, Monday!
Powerwoman has got you covered! ;-)
Now I can do a few more of you!


  1. Happy hpy Bday to you. I believe on deserves not to be at work on your Bday

  2. So sorry I missed reading this. Happy belated birthday to you...I hope it was awesome.

  3. It would be nice to be able to carry out that list of yours every Monday. And, yes, I have indulged in a few times. However, Monday's will remain long after we have graduated the planet. My approach is two-fold: 1. I see Monday as the first day of the rest of my life, I mentally prepare for it to be a fun-day and create a list of things I wish to achieve for the week, for example coaching a staff member, calling a client I haven't called in a while, learning something new. I am an early riser and meditation plays an important role for me. Worst-case scenario, I see it as the eve of Tuesday.


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