Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Decicions... decisions

What to do on a public holiday in the middle of the week?

We've got mini-Friday here today.
Tomorrow is Human Rights Day here in South Africa!

- Stay in bed;
- Drive out to the countryside for a view;
- Stay at home and do some chores around the house;
- Catching up on some reading;
- Spending time with the toddler;
- A braai (barbecue);
- A movie or a rented movie;
- A nice lunch at a favourite restaurant.

It feels like it would be a waste to spend it in bed.
The weather is still lovely during the day!

What are you planning to do tomorrow?

(Photo: Rusty Hook on Sunday)


  1. Its then hubby's birthday so we will celebrate with breakfast and a braai later.

  2. Sadly I have to work. The life of a consultant really sucks sometimes. I will sleep in a bit though. Ewan and hubby are going to a local game park for the day with friends. I vote go out while the weather is still lovely.

  3. DH will spend his day on the golf course, like every other Wednesday. I will spend time in my craft room playing with paper and glue...and in the late afternoon all my children and grandchildren will be coming for a braai. Lekker man!


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