Monday, 19 March 2012

Most fav toddler food

The Toddler has a favourite food! She can eat it morning, noon and night!


Pasta in any form and flavour. She loves it!

When asked what she wants to eat, she usually says: "Pasta!"
Even when it's time for breakfast!
It takes a bit of cunning to convince her that breakfast is not an ideal time for pasta!
(I don't think we have fooled her when she reluctantly eats something else... )

It is not always the healthy option, but when faced with a happy toddler who loves eating, we happily order or make the pasta at home!

Her mother loves it just as much, but I try not to eat too much of it...
(The menace of "wheat"and "carbohydrates"! *sigh*)

For now it is pasta. Maybe her taste buds will change, or she will taste something else that will become her most favourite food!

In the meantime - Enjoy it, my girl!

What is your toddler's most fav food at the moment?


  1. In comparison to fries etc, I do think pasta is really not such a bad choice.

  2. Ewan is also in an everything pasta mood right now. The fav is mac and cheese. After him not eating for a week and ending up in hospital the kid can eat anything he wants.
    At least pasta is easy. A friend of mine had a toddler addicted to sushi rice. Had to have the right vinegar through it and soy sauce for dipping.
    I think pasta at this age is fairly normal.

  3. My Cappers is mad for pasta too. x

  4. I share her love for pasta. I wonder why little ones like it so much...maybe because it is so easy to eat;-)

  5. Well, my son doesn't have much of a favourite anything but I'm guessing his favourites on the food he does eat all of! So it would have to be Pasta and Fish.

    You should try a Creamy Brocolli & Mushroom Cheese sauce with your pasta. Great way to get the greens in.


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