Thursday, 8 March 2012

Photos on my computer

I found these photos of our baby on my computer.

She was six months old at the time.
Already I struggle to hold on to the memory of her being a baby...
It goes by with a breath of air...

Hubby said the other day that she holds her dolls exactly as he used to hold her.
His hand behind her head in a protective embrace...

I hope I remember the little doll that she was!

Because she has changed.
The little baby is gone!
She is "big" (as she tells me every day)!

Photo taken this past weekend

How do we hold on to all the memories of our little ones?


  1. She was always a beautiful child.

  2. So cute. I wish they would stop growing up so fast. I feel like toddlerhood is going by so fast and I can barely remember babyhood.


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