Thursday, 22 March 2012

Keep breastfeeding... on

The Toddler announced on Tuesday afternoon that she is not going to breastfeed any more!
At 39 months (3 years and 3 months!!) it is not a surprise, but it was the first time that she told me this!

"I am a big girl! I am too big for boobies!"
I told her it is fine, but she can still have the "boobies" when she wants it!

She went to sleep again after that while breastfeeding, and last night again...
But I think it won't be long from now! We will see! ;-)

I am still the the surprised lactivist, but it has been one of the best things I could have done for my daughter!
So, breastfeeding on!

Dionna at Code Name Mama made a list of 9 ways Google can help to normalize breastfeeding in society.
I love her suggestion for a Google doodle, especially.

She has made a suggestion of how we all can become involved.
She has put up an email that can be copied and sent to Google to highlight the plight of normalizing breastfeeding in society.
Hopefully it will put it on their radar the more people got involved!
(I have emailed my copy already!)

Please send yours as well. The copy can be found here:
9 ways Google can help us normalize breastfeeding

Thanks Dionna!


  1. Wow congratulations on keeping going for so long. I wish I could have kept going. Maybe if baby number 2 happens I will have better luck. I did love it and I support all ideas that will make it more acceptable and common practise.

  2. Well done to you for continuing so long. I don't know how long I could've carried on for had my son not started biting me at 13months.

  3. Wow, over three years of BF. That's awesome. I'm only two months into it and still getting a hang of it. Hope I can go for as long as you did. I shared Dionna's ideas too and emailed Google. BF is tough but if you set your mind to it it's a great bonding experience with the LO.


  4. Wow that is are the longest BF mommy that I know.

  5. well done! i only managed 4 months with my 1st and 6 months with 2nd, for some reason my milk just starts to dwindle from 4 months :( but hopefully 3 times lucky? this time it seems to be going really well< still very early days though but i shall prevail as long as i can. u will be my inspiration!


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