Monday 5 March 2012

One Groundhog day, please! #parentingfail do-over

I want a do-over day for yesterday.
A do-over parenting day!

This is what today looks like (photo on top by Dad), and all the blame needs to be placed in front of the parents...
(Sleeping in the car while waiting for the school gates to open this morning...)

It was such a lovely day outside yesterday, with a breakfast with friends and playing outside...

Ennis Nursery coffee shop
The warning sign only put a giggle on our faces...

And the wish on the food was an extra bonus!
"May you have the best that life can give you!"

What could have gone wrong?

We had to take the student back to Varsity.
That is a three hour trip, and we were exhausted last night.

We fell on the coach with you, snacked on junk, and did not stuck you in your normal routine of bath, story-time and bed!
We watched the Sunday night movie!

(Bad, bad parents!)

I so regretted it this morning when we tried to dress you while still sleeping
(That is not so unusual, but the tantrums that were accompanying it were an extra reminder!)

And all I could say: "I am so sorry, my little one!"

Today is one of those days I wish I could have stayed at home and do a goundhog day (such as in the movie!)
In the groundhog day I would have done everything the same (and enjoyed it even more!), but I would have stuck to your bed-time routines...
Even though you love to stay awake until the darkest hours...
Even though you love staying up with us...
Even though you are not always in a mood for a bath...
Even though you enjoy snacking on junk with us...
Even though you enjoy watching movies with us...

It is not that difficult? Is it? Is it?

Parenting fail!

Please tell me we are not the only ones slipping up every now and again?


Today I will be better! Even though I won't get yesterday again...
I will make my own groundhog day of better parenting!
I promise!


  1. Seriously, that's it? Hon, I'm guilty of this one at least three times a week!! It sounds like you had such a lovely day and, look, she's still sleeping, so no harm done! x

  2. Thanks goodness we get another day to fix up our oopsy days. Love the new header pic :)

  3. Every Monday can be groundhog day for me...I never want weekends to end.


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