Thursday, 15 March 2012

Keep calm and do not send the angry sms

The Significant Other is in Mauritius for the week.

He phoned me on Tuesday from a colleague's phone after they had arrived on that side.

Since then I haven't heard from him...

You would think that he would have send me a short sms/email/whatever...
You would think that he would make a plan to contact us...
(We have technology nowadays!)

But nothing!

I need one of those "Keep Calm" posters now!
I am very tempted to send an angry sms to the colleague's phone!


He is coming back tomorrow!

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  1. Vic and I went through this last year when he went to Germany for a week - and spent 24 hours in Amsterdam because his manager wanted to go have some fun. I thought he'd forgotten us for a few days there.

    DEEP BREATHS. I for one can tell you this: no matter where my cousin is, that man loves you beyond belief and words. He is that kind of being. I grew up with him, so I know how deeply that is rooted.

    However, I strongly suggest you give him a winter boot to the backside, once home, for the silence factor. Not on. He would not be as calm as you are right now were the roles to be reversed.

    Sort him out and then let love reign :-) xxx

  2. The angry sms doesnt make you feel better!!

    I have sent many of them!

    David is terrible and letting me know whats happening and he looses his phone, lets the battery die - I have collected his friends numbers simply by him phoning me from his phone!

    Now I ask "what time will you home" and then when that time comes I wait a further while and then sms "are you ok?" and when he is away - I do the same thing or I sms him with random stuff and he usually then replies.

    My take on it is that when they arent in the home they arent thinking about it.They switch off whereas we are constantly thinking about the family,home, kids etc!

  3. It is the old saying Men are from Mars......

    They just dont think the same way we do. He is almost certainly thinking of you all but a text is not his way of showing it. Not saying that is ok, but maybe he needs to be pointed in the right direction.

    I text my husband-to-be loads, and get one back for every 10 sent.If I dare to say that was a lovely text, it is a while before I get another :)


  4. You can create your own 'keep calm poster' here Know you have one.

  5. LOL! I can just imagine your frustration...and him being in such a wonderful destination.


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