Friday, 23 March 2012

The question

The title translated: "Mother, was I a baboon before?"
Where do I come from?

The Toddler has been trying to figure it out herself.
How does it work that she has been in Mom's tummy?

"I was in my Mom's tummy."
"I was stuck in Mom's tummy!"
"I opened the door and I climb out of Mom's Tummy."
"Jesus pulled me out of Mom's tummy." (The other day in the car to her Dad. Never something we would have said to her.)
"I am too big now to be in my Mom's tummy!"

She is telling it to anybody who takes time to listen. (Very difficult not to sneak a quick smile!)

It's time now to call in the big guns books!
I do not believe in telling stories, and the terminology should be correct!

I loaned back the book I had years earlier for my eldest daughter (see photo). I had passed it on in the meantime...
I think I need a new perspective, but this one will help in the meantime!

I went into CNA last night, because I knew I saw some books there earlier, but they have nothing now.

Do any of you have suggestions of books available now about sex education?
What are you reading to your toddlers?

I will also go and do an online search...
(Uh-oh, and I see they recommend that you start as early as two-year old!
No wonder she is puzzled!!)


  1. We have a very cute bookmat ome that I bought the Princess when I was prengnant with the twins. Will find it

  2. Good luck! They may recommend as young as 2, but my son is no where near ready to discuss such things. I think when they do ask and do start talking about it - then it is the right time.

    Sorry, I have no suggestions for books.

  3. I am sure the other young mommies will have the answer. We answered the questions based on the age of the child at the time of the question. Only enough not more than they asked for.


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