Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ice-cream and Yogurt

I had very specific cravings with my pregnancy: ice-cream and yogurt! E-v-e-r-y day!

Hubby had to drive many nights to the shops to buy us ice-cream. (And he did! Maybe the whining also had something to do with it? Thank you, thank you, Hubby!)

And every morning while I was stuck in traffic it was that Yogi-sip I was thinking of buying at the coffee shop... Yogi-sip was like coffee to me during my pregnancy!  And the disappointment if there was no yogi-sip available... That bubble brain of mine only had one thought for the day: “YOGI-SIP!”

How much of those cravings do we carry over on our children? That’s what I am contemplating with the Toddler who absolutely loves yogurt and ice-cream. This afternoon she made us open the fridge again and again to check for yogurt, and there was none... (We did not do grocery shopping last weekend, only a few really essential items.)

We found half a Hello Kitty ice-cream cup in the fridge, but it was not enough.  At long last we gave her some All Bran flakes with milk, and she had one and a half bowl. Enough for her not to want to eat over dinner...

The clincher came when we were walking in the nearby Mall, on our way home. She was pulling along her trolley bag, but the next moment she gave a shriek and threw it down! A young guy was walking past us with an ice-cream in the hand.  She yelled “roomys” (ice-cream) and ran to the ice-cream kiosk nearby! How does she know this is where the ice-cream comes from? She knows! Shame, and she did not get that ice-cream tonight... Now I feel bad while busy writing this!

But she had had enough! I feel "bad parent" enough by feeding her half an ice-cream and cereal for dinner tonight. An ice-cream would have been too much? (But I know how I would have felt when I did not get that ice-cream!)

Do you also find that your children loves the same things you craved for, or is it just generic that children loves ice-cream and yogurt?
What cravings did you have?


  1. Never heard of a kid that does not like ice cream unless they of course get violently sick eating it! My kids love it and love yogurt too! But don't like yogurt pretzels. I did not have a dairy craving. Rather I wanted to eat juicy fruits all the time like strawberries, oranges etc. Could not eat enough of those. I really disliked meat especially towards the end of my pregnancy.

  2. I often wonder that as well - but only 'cos with Maxi I craved DIRT (I had pica while pregnant with him) and I don't recall him having a particularly abnormal appetite for the backyard!! x

  3. I ate large numbers of gerkins during pregnancy and at least two peanut butter sandwiches everyday. My kid loves gerkins and will eat peanut butter by the jar. I think there may be a point to this as I hated anything sweet when I was pregnant and my toddler hates sweets.

  4. I have never really liked sweet foods but during my pregnancy I couldnt take them. I craved peanut butter, gerkins and lots of spicy food. My toddler loves all the above the kid eats curries which is really wierd for a toddler. He will not touch sweets if you give him a chocolate he will take one bite then hand it back.


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