Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Breastfeeding the Two-year old Toddler

When breastfeeding you try to make it past the six week mark. Then you say six months. Then you say we’ll see how far we can take it. One year is a good age to have come. And then you continue to the two-year mark. We’ve reached it!

Why stop something when it works so well? Because it does! Really really well. It stays the best way to get the toddler to sleep or to calm her or soothe her.

The Toddler started with a new class at school, and she does not get any milk bottles anymore at school. Last year she got two milk bottles and a juice bottle as well! She now gets a sports bottle to drink from.

It is such a big change for a little one!

When I go to fetch her now, she starts asking for “booby”, and usually breastfeeds when we get home. I am glad that I can still provide the comfort and sustenance that only breastfeeding brings. That’s one of the reasons I am glad that I did not stop at the two-year mark!

It is a different kind of special feeding the two-year old Toddler. We usually have a conversation going, and she declares quite regularly that it is her “boobies”. She is now in the assignment phase. She wants to know what belongs to whom?  “Mieka s’n!”

We are now in unchartered territories! (For me, it seems!) There are lots and lots of mothers who keep on breastfeeding; even tandem breastfeeding twins and siblings! I did not think it was possible, but thanks to the world of information at our fingertips we are not in the dark ages anymore. We are not dependent on old wives tales or the unknowledgeable remarks of other people!

I sometimes get a strange remark or a lifted eyebrow, but I only smile and keep on doing what is best for the toddler and me!

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  1. I just want to give you giant internet high five! Way to go Mama! I am nursing a Two year old too! I love toddler nursing and plan to stop when SHE tells me she is done.

    Have a great day!


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