Thursday, 10 February 2011

LOVE and Bling

Jenna Clifford Fine Jewellery
Maxabella inspired me with her Bling on Love post about jewellery and LOVE. Especially since it’s 14 February on Monday next week! I am linking up with her and Felicity of Gifts of Serendipity.

I tried to take nice photos with my BlackBerry, but unfortunately this is the best I could get! I was trying not to get too much of the wrinkles on those hands, but getting a clear picture of the ring. Not very successful on both counts, but what the heck! You get an idea of the rings! The blur takes away the wrinkles, at least... (Wink smile!)(And I still love my BB! And I am not a photographer...)

When Hubby and I got engaged he was still a teacher, and did not have a lot of spare cash going around. So we settled on a small gold and silver ring with a small diamond. The “silver” lasted only for a month, when it started to wear off! So I have a small gold ring, which I now wear on my right hand.

We are both in agreement that I am still waiting for that special ring. So this is not a “hint” post, because Dries knows what I want. It is a specially designed Jenna Clifford ring, something like the rings on the photo. I am not that into diamonds, and would love a tanzanite or topaz white gold or platinum ring!

I am now wearing a silver ring, with bling stones, as well as another plain silver ring. The combination works well. I luuuurv my bling for the time being… Especially since it was given by my Hubby! Because it was given out of LOVE!


  1. Those rings are blinging fabulous, Karen! Yummo!

    I like your current ring too, though, at least what I can make out of it ;) I can't see a single wrinkle so your plan has worked! Did you see my photo?! OMG, what a wake up call. I've been slathering on the jurlique every night since!!

    See you on the 14th to link up. x

  2. I had to chuckle at Maxabella's comment about the soft-focus photo - I love both of your current rings but am also a fan of the blue stones too!

    I hope that you don't mind that I've popped this post onto the blog hop - you have such a lovely story to share.

    Felicity x


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