Thursday, 24 February 2011

Morning's first photo at day care #15 - You woke me!

The Toddler really wanted to keep on sleeping this morning! (So did we!)

She woke up at 22:30 last night and was not impressed with Mom not coming to her side immediately. Dad had to take over because Mom was busy helping the Teen to get that online visum form completed. In the end we gave up and saved the "stupid" (I want to use more stronger words here) form for tonight. We really have to spill our guts for these forms! I am being tramatized by the details we have to give! (I hate forms! I hate forms!)

I don't think I want to ever go overseas now! The forms is getting to me!

The Toddler was all bright-eyed by then, and in the end was giving me a full run-down of my bathing experience. She was standing right next to my bath, and telling me how to wash what! She only got settled again when all the lights where down, and we were passed out on the bed at 23:45!

No mystery the lady was not impressed with waking up today.
But she did give me a a little blurry smile when asked for it this morning!
No, it was you that was blurry with that shot, Mom!

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  1. I am sure coffee did the trick to get you up and going. You sure do need a lot of energy when you have a toddler.


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