Sunday, 27 February 2011

Montecasino Night out for 2

Montecasino Piazza
Montecasino has a great special offer going on called Night out for Two. Hubby and I were treated to it with a special night in the hotel thrown into the deal as well by his company!

It was great to chill all by ourselves for a whole evening. Drinking red wine and listening to jazz on the Piazza. We had dinner later at Billy G.

We could have spent the voucher for the casino that comes with the deal. But there is nothing that I dislike more than spending time in a casino. I do not like throwing my money into a machine. I would much rather eat it...

We went to watch a late night movie. Morning Glory is a delight with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. It has been a while since we left a movie theatre after midnight!
SunSquare Hotel in background

After a great breakfast we headed home to fetch The Toddler at Grandma and Grandpa. She enjoyed it so much; she was not even fazed when we arrived there!I think it is some sort of punishment as well: "You left me here: I am not going to show you how much I missed you!"

We really missed her, but it was great to spend some time alone... One of my New Year's resolutions is bearing fruit: spending more time alone with Hubby. (2011, here we come!)


  1. Oh now I could do with a night like that!

  2. Nothing like some special times with you man to recharge the batteries.

  3. Hi who do I I call for accomadation and night out for 2 - this deal - wifes birthday is on Sunday.


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