Monday, 7 February 2011

Questions on a Sunday night

There are a few questions that a Sunday night brings to mind. Especially after I stumbled in a daze out of our room at 11pm, after having started the evening in the Toddler’s room… It was one of those sleep marathons, where we ended up sleeping before the Toddler!

The rhetorical questions:
(I don’t think there is an answer to one of them, but you are welcome to give me your answers. Wink smile!)

  • Why the Toddler does fall asleep even before her bed-time on Friday and Saturday night, but on Sunday it’s a different story?
  • Why does the weekend seem like an unlimited opportunity for doing those tasks that need to be done, and comes Sunday night it has not been done?
  • Why do the weekends feel so very short?
  • Why The Teen does have so many appointments to go to on a weekend when we have specifically declared it a stay-at-home weekend?
  • Why do I plan to fit in some exercise over the weekend, but it never realizes?
  • Why do we love weekends so much more than the week? (Does it say something about our jobs?)
Monday already!
Yeah, the weekend is only four sleeps away!


  1. Weekends are so much nicer because we value our families and time spent with them! Would have loved 3 day weekends.

  2. I had to smile as you are really asking those universal questions we an all relate to.

  3. I like the freedom of weekends, as if I get to decide what I like to do... where week days are dictated to me?

  4. IF ONLY we knew the answers to ALL those questions, Karen! We would be (even more) amazing. x


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