Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bad parenting for survival

Do you sometimes retrace your steps at the end of the day and think: “I was a bad parent today! Tomorrow I will have to do better!?”

Days when:
  • The Toddler falls asleep in my arms before she had her bath. I should have seen the signs earlier that she was tired and acted accordingly.
  • The Toddler had more un-food to eat than the real thing. I realises that she did not have her 10 categories of food groups to eat. (I sometimes get excited about just one of the groups that she eats!)
  • I give up about trying cutting her toe nails. The finger nails are already an issue; with lots of screaming. But the toe nails are just murder! I usually leave it for another day...
  • I sometimes mostly allow the Toddler to eat a sweet or crisps while we have to run through the shops after I pick her up at day care in the afternoons. She’s hungry. I need to pick up a few things and need to do it at neck-breaking speed! We all know that it influences their eating behaviour on a major scale. (Refer back to point 2)
  • We switch on the television or a DVD when we are too tired for running around or amusing The Toddler!
"Bad parent!" (Not even Powerwoman can make this look better!)
Tomorrow I will do better!

Please tell me you get days like these when you try to survive by being a bad less than exemplary parent?
Surviving what? Parenthood, of course!


  1. When we go down this road, we will never stop beating ourselves over the head. Over the years of parenting my children and now seeing my grandchildren slowly growing, I have come to the conclusion that LOVE covers a MULTITUDE of wrong doings. As long as they know just how much you love them, you are on the right path.


  2. Honestly I dont do that - except on days when I loose it and scream and shout!

    But feeding them cake for dinner or letting them fall asleep dirty - I dont sweat that stuff cos I do it too often :-p

  3. Yes, I do have a twinge that AJ needed a bath b4 bed last night but it wasnt worth the tears as he was tired.

    yes, he should b potty trained by now, but he isnt ready.

    yes, his diet should consist of more than tuna sarnies, yogurts and cereal.

    BUT, we are caring parents and good parents by the very fact that we have these thoughts when these things happen occasionally.

    These posts are good therapy for me :)



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