Sunday, 20 February 2011

Grade 12 – the stress is getting to me!

The last year of school is a lot harder than I can remember... It definitely feels a lot more stressful going through it with The Teen than when I was in high school.

We did not worry about good grades as much as they do now. The grades are being submitted to the universities already! So much decisions and choices have to be made this year! And is it going to be the right ones?

Maybe because I know that in years later we question ourselves about our careers choices later one in life? The choice of higher learning institutions also seems to be a huge headache.  I knew where I wanted to go, and went! Now it is not as easy as that... We have to verify the standards of the different institutions as well!

Then there is the French tour that’s finally just around the corner... I am going to be just as relieved when The Teen finally steps on that plane. So many things to do yet before that happen...

And I feel sorry for The Teen who comes home and has to sit with tons of homework at night and weekends. The photo was taken with The Toddler also doing some “homework” with The Teen in her room on Saturday. She was there for at least an hour, which is quite a feat for our Toddler! Our hardworking Teen seems to have an impact on the Little One!

Mother is stressing big time!


  1. My daughter is sitting opposite me now stressing bout her recipes for GCSE catering.
    Not one of her important subjects but stress none the less.

    I think our children are conditioned to see the grades from very early. SATS at 6 yrs old onwards. The teachers try to say the kids dont notice but they do. I say this as a parent who has been through it and a teaching assistant in a class of 6 yr olds taking sats.

    Where is the fun in learning these days?


  2. I agree, Carol! It should be more fun!
    They should not stress as much as the pressure being put on them. If they do not get good grades, they do not get selected, and they do not get sponsorships for learning!


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