Sunday, 13 February 2011

Falcon Glen –a great weekend

Falcon Glen - Schoemanskloof
We checked out of city life for a weekend, and had a great time in the bush.

It turned out into a true back-to-nature experience with no power since Saturday 9am. We got the rest we were looking for; with no television, radio, and even our cell phones...  (We felt a tinge of withdrawal symptoms, but luckily it was not that long...) But we had to check out earlier today because of it! (Thanks ESKOM!)

It was my father’s birthday, and the Toddler had a ball with her grandfather and –mother.

We were asking ourselves why The Toddler loves them so much. We do not count for much when they are in the vicinity! Not that we care! We can sit/read/sleep a little bit longer than usual. Thanks Mom and Dad!
"Waar's Oupa?" (Where is my grandfather?) and "Waar's Ouma?" were the most popular phrases of the weekend!

It was a great weekend! What did you do on your weekend!

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