Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Having a baby sister

The teen about her relationship with the toddler:

23 months ago my dream came true, Mieka was born. I had always wished for a baby sis.

At first when I heard my mom was pregnant, I was like, “Oh my word!  I’m 15 and my mom is 40.” And I also thought that was a bit late to get another baby.

I was an only child and it wasn’t always easy. There were a lot of games that were hard to play; like catch. THAT WAS TIRING!!

When Mieka wants to play catch in a few years I would love to play, but will probably have back pain or something because of the age difference.
I love Mieka to bits and I will do anything for her. I will beat anyone who messes with her and I will even give up my afternoon naps to watch her.

A lot of teenagers are getting pregnant, not that I was planning to get a baby, but when Mieka came into the picture I realized that having a baby is very hard work. I have decided that if I planned on having a baby it would be in my 30’s.

I love walking with Mieka in the malls when my mom is not around, because people always look at you and think that Mieka is my baby. I once heard a woman saying to her friend that I was a slut. All I could do was smile at people’s perceptions.

All & all I love Mieka. She is the best thing that ever happened to me!


  1. Mieka is the most adorable little sister and your dream did come true! Mieka is fortunate and blessed to have an older sister like you and may you always look out for one another. two blessings in our family's lives.

  2. Kudos on your guest poster. There's love in that there blog.
    I, too, had a sister when I was 14. And like your daughter, I was very protective of 'my baby' .

  3. hey i have a baby brother also 15 years younger than me it was a nice to have him around when he was younger now he is a 11 year old and so annoying :) things change as you get older and the older you get the older your sisite gets and the nicest thing you two have in common is your girls and will be the best of friends when she is older maybe at your age now, she will be asking you for all the advise that you asked your mom :) what a special thing you two will share. just remember she gets a little older and will some times make you wanna scream but she will grow out that stage and then it will be fine.

  4. Wow, that is some real love in that thing you wrote..it was funny too, it's quite diffycult to play catch alone, hehe! Well keep on what you do with your little sister you are a great rolemodel for her:-)

    Love and peace and be kind to each other..


  5. hey, loving then ew banner at the top of your blog, real cool. must say, the teen is a very pretty girl :)

  6. I love it when blended families work so well together.

  7. Ah this is incredibly sweet and touching. An absolute gem.


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