Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Centre of our Universe

Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography.

Mieka is still in the developmental phase of being the centre of her own universe. Everything revolves around her. She is nearly 16 months old now!

A quote from Practica:
“She believes that the sun came up today because she woke up and that it will set this evening because she needs to go to bed.”

Dries said to me this weekend that our household truly revolves around her. It is not something that we are experiencing negatively, quite to the contrary. We are enjoying her and how our lives have changed because of her. We are planning our days and our activities around her.

She also dictates how we spend our days. The joys of parenthood! (No sarcasm here!) So far it has worked out well for our little fairy – her world is our world, and we revolve around her!
Shame – it is not going to stay this way... (Smile)

We got our photos back from dear friends of ours. We are very lucky to have a photographer as a friend!

Isn’t she the cutest?


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