National Bandana Day

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday #22 - Fall!


  1. Luckily she wasn't hurt. Only a bump on the nose. I was right there. Accidents happen as quickly as this...
    I do think they have angels protecting them ;-)

  2. shame - one minute she is queen of the world and the next she is kissing the dirt. SHOCK!

  3. Hi there, stopping by for WW. What an amazing life you lead! Following U.

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    Have a Beautiful Day
    Becky :)

  4. Hunter always says - they are made of rubber, not porcelain.

  5. Oh! Thank goodness its nothing serious. I do believe that angels protect little kiddos especially when nobody is looking around our little tots! btw, Thanks for dropping by at my site too.


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