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iPads in Education - I want to be a teacher now!! #iPadSamG

Sam Gliksman
iPad in Education for Dummies

By now you know that I have an absolute passion for my iPad and for the use of the iPad in Education.

I am thinking of changing my career...
(Sometimes! No, lots of times! If only I were more adventurous!)
To be able to use this technology in teaching! It seems to me like it is the best time ever to be in teaching!

I had the extremely good fortune to be able to listen to Sam Gliksman talk about the use of iPad in Education. He is the author of iPad in Education for Dummies, and he is also an educational technology consultant for the last 20 years, an Aussie from America.

His website is here: Ipads in Education

The most important to remember is that Education is using iPads, and that the technology is not the goal! It stays education! It is about the development of a student-centered iPad learning environment.

Education of now has not stayed up to date. Children cites experiences of being bored and out-of-touch educational environments. Educational technology has not moved forward, but the business world and everything around us has moved on.
Children are disenfranchised and disengaged.

Children also learn very differently than we used to learn. Sam Gliksman showed us a video where we did not notice a man dressed in a guerilla suit because we were focusing on the white t-shirts handling the ball... (Okay, some did notice it, but I definitely did not the first time!)

Apparently the children see it, but they do not get the correct count as easily as the adults.

Children are multi-tasking, and absorbs images much more effectively. They are much better at adapting integrating media.
They need new skills and a new learning environment. That is where iPad fills the void.

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday,
we rob our children of tomorrow"
- Ancient Proverb

iPad has been in the game now for four years, to help achieve a successful learning environment.

The first 4 keys to a successful learning environment:

1. Solid Foundation
A reliable wireless network management structure which allows for yearly growth!

2. Sharing and communal learning
Apple TV is a wonderful application, but you are able to mirror the iPad through a laptop as well.

3. Communicate and prepare
Communicate your vision and direction to the teachers and the parents.

4. Share ... Carefully 
1 to 1 is preferably, but sharing devices are not insurmountable.

Sharing of content opens up a whole new learning environment on the iPad, where it is between students, teachers and students, and also with people outside the class.

The focus with the iPad should always be on the objective!
The teacher is not the expert, and it is not needed. 
He should only know what can be done, and give the students the freedom to do it! (Love this!!)

Encourage the unpredictable...

Investigate & analyse!

"The key to learning is to ask the right questions" - Einstein

We were shown a couple of examples of how students are incorporating the use of iPads in the classroom. Children building Mars rovers; Taking time lapse photography with the iPad of plants growing; Connecting with famous astronauts and authors through Twitter; A poetry jam with Garage Band; ... The possibilities are endless!

It is also possible to simulate frog dissections and star walks and to create ebooks and to investigate challenge based research...


The adoption rate for kids exhilarating! There are no impediments to children to use it!


Michelle Lissos of Think Ahead Education Solutions  mentioned that there are now 200+ iPad schools in South Africa.

CAPS Workbooks are free on ZA Books.

The Apple in Education Competition was launched already for 2013 where creativity in the classroom
are rewarded.

There is an upcoming iPad journey workshop on 5-7 June where teachers and principals can get a hands-on workshop experience who are new to iPad.

There is also a special for teachers to buy an iPad and pay over 12 months, interest free!


In the meantime I have talked to both our Pre-Primary School Head, and our future Primary School Head, and they are both very eager and open-minded towards the use of this technology!
Think Ahead did contact them about getting it started!
I am keeping my thumbs crossed!

Do your schools have implemented it already, and what are your experiences?

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