Monday, 6 May 2013

A certificate of bravery for a first haircut

Little Missy had her first haircut on Friday last week. She is 4 years and 4 months.

We love her long hair, but it has become unmanageable, with lots of tears when trying to comb out the tangles each day.
I have to plait her hair each night before she goes to bed. If not, we have to get rid of lots of mouse nests (as we call it) in the mornings.

We walked into Maddy Magoo (by Kids Emporium) on the West Rand (at Papachinos), and they could help us immediately.

We decided on the first cut haircut package, which includes a certificate of bravery, a lock of hair, and before and after photos on a disc. I am a sucker, but it is really very cute!

She was not convinced that the water would not
go into her eyes...
The smiles had to be coaxed 
The entertainment helps a great deal
Sitting upright got a bit of an ordeal!
The certificate of bravery should go to the hairdresser! The hairdresser had to go the extra mile to keep her sitting still, and that was only for a straight line cut! Also for taking photos. We got a disc of 15 photos, also one of her standing with mom and dad, with the new haircut!

The certificate should also go to the parents; for being a bit emotional about the first haircut and the first locks lying on the floor.

She looks grown-up already!

Her hair looks thicker, and it is definitely a better experience in the mornings!
It was worth it!

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  1. Oh wow! Someone recommended Maddy Magoo to me just a few days ago. We took Ryan to Chop It last week for his first haircut. I am definitely going to try Maddys next time; it's a wee bit closer to us (and looks less chaotic than Chop It)

    1. Hi Stacey I read your review of Chop It, and decided to try Maddy Magoo first because I have a friend who takes her girls to them.
      I am very impressed with their service!

  2. Congrats to the big girl. Yes it is a bit weepy when they get their first haircut. Looks like a lovely place to go for a child.

  3. Congrats to all of you!


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