Sunday, 12 May 2013

On Mother's Day

It is only being a mother, that you truly understand what your own mother has done for you!

Thank you, Mom!

- Thanks for being there for us. We could always count on you!
- Thanks for the wonderful example you have been of being a mother!
- Thanks for loving us!
- Thanks for being a great grandmother as well!

We are lucky to have you!

I am also thinking about all the Moms who desperately want to be Moms, but can't!
I am especially thinking about all the Moms who do not have their own biological children, but makes so much difference in the lives of children that they have adopted or are involved with!

And last, thinking of dear people who were waiting for that special child, wanting to adopt him, and the longed-for baby who died this week in childbirth!

Check out A Child After 40 Tribute album to Mothers over 40.

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