Monday, 13 May 2013

Questions for Mother's Day

We received this cute questions and answers for Mother's Day from the pre-primary school. It is very sweet!
It also reminded me of how the smallest things (seemingly), can be the most important to Little Missy. I will spend more time bathing and eating cookies with her! ;-)


How old is Mom?


What is Mom's favourite food?

Mushrooms and pasta 

What does Mom like to drink?

Wine and tea

What work does Mom do?

Computer work

How much money does Mom have?


What does Mom do when she rests?

She sits and lies on the coach and watch tv.

What does Mom watch on television?

Ice Age 

What clothes does Mom like to wear?


What do you and Mom do together which is very special?

We bath together and we eat cookies

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  1. Well done on the 10!!! You really are a very young Mom:)
    Very sweet idea from the school.

  2. I've heard of people who are 16 with a kid but never have I heard of a 10 year old who have a kid. The ages just keep getting younger and younger :^D

  3. Sweet. I find it all very fascinating that all kids just want quality time with parents... And I really do try to give Dudie as much of my time as possible.

    Sadly, I told my own mom, she's very career orientated, taht all I wanted was her time.


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