Thursday, 16 May 2013

No words

RIP Liam Buys
I have no words.
I know for sure that no words can make it better! Or find some sense in it.
A small baby, a life, a little person...
He was dead when born!
He had two moms waiting for him. Two moms who wanted to adopt him. Two moms waiting, and expecting, and planning!
Two moms who had to go to his funeral yesterday, without having seen him...
Two moms who are mourning the loss of him!

I can only put your name here, Liam Buys!
You will not be forgotten!


  1. So sad. RIP little guy. I really shouldn't read posts like this with my little girl due any day now. I can't stop crying and I don't even know the story.

  2. I am the one mother who expected little Liam. I will blog about the experience soon. One thing I learnt is that expecting a child happens as much in your heart as in your body. His place will always be empty in my heart!

    1. So sorry, Retha! We were getting excited on your behalf!
      I think a blog would be a great idea! Not everybody knows about the heartache of trying to conceive, and also of the pitfalls with trying to adopt...

  3. That is really sad and I'm not even a mom. A little baby who hasn't taken a glimpse of the world is now in heaven. I guess the most tragic thing that can happen to a parent is losing a child. Stay strong, there is still light shining somewhere.


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