Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top Gun relived - with a KFC Big Movie Night

We went to our second KFC Big Movie Night here in Johannesburg.
It is free AND so much fun!

We got to relive Top Gun again. The 80s vibe, fashion style and storyline that does not have that much meat (compared to what we are used to now!), but still very enjoyable!
The little 4-year old boy of a friend stretched his arms and took off each time the fighter planes took off with pyrotechnics and firework displays! Which made Little Missy run too, as well.
We had trouble keeping the jackets and hats on them, because it was ice ice cold. I was still defrosting the next day, but we had to stay until the end!
The kids loved the goodie bags with all the flying toys! And dancing for prizes... And popcorn!
We also had fun in the photo and video booths.

KFC Big Movie Experience
I hope we can do it again, only in summer next time, please!

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