Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Princess is on her way

On her way to rule the kingdom 

It happens each and every day.
The cuteness that she is!

I want to record everything she does, and says, but most of the time we have to smile (laugh inwardly, if we can manage it), and we forget about it.
Because the next day she is cute and funny all over with a new cute and funny!

She was making plans since yesterday...
When she got home, she made the paper crown all by herself.
She told me she wanted to wear a princess dress and shoes, and we had to set it aside last night.

I sneaked on a pair of boots this morning, but when she looked down and saw it... Instant disapproval! So the princess shoes (with the heels) are on, with back-up shoes again in the bag.
But I was adamant that the pants must stay on underneath the dress! It is cold here in the mornings!

Her dad says she walked all the way to class, very impressed with herself. (She usually wants to be carried)
Basking in the comments of the parents, and teachers...

Princess in the making!

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  1. Karen,

    How lovely. It is amazing what will get them to school. My little one was on a go slow this morning after extended weekend, but he knows he has the class bear home tonight.


  2. I didn't know little girls dressed up as princesses. When I was little I dressed up as a power ranger.

    1. All good, Mauruschka! ;-) You also must have made your parents smile being a power ranger!

  3. She's so cute! Love the crown. Dudie now only wears a certain pair a boots everyday... nothing else except those boots. But I'm happy we've moved on from teh Wellies though :-)

    I choose my battles and this shoes/clothes battle is just not my forté

  4. So very cute! She is looking more and more like you every single day


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