Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Travel Bag checklist - when travelling with little ones

I got this following checklist in my inbox, which I think is worth checking off just before going on on that much much much needed break.

After our accident on the highway on Saturday, I am crossing fingers and toes, hoping that we will still be able to go on that upcoming break. Our car doesn't look that bad, but we are not sure at this stage...

Sister Lilian suggests the following essentials for your travel bag for car and plane travels:

  • A bag of special little toys that are only used in the car. Make sure the same toy is not given on each journey
  • Music that soothes both little ones and their parents
  • Mobiles dangled from the roof of the car
  • A bunch of keys and a magnet are very useful for fascinating older babies endlessly
  • Older children respond well to recorded stories
  •  A change of clothes for inevitable spills and leaks
  • Pampers® nappies and wipes (Luckily this one is not on my list anymore)
  • Bottles and a non-spill cup
  • A security item from home like a blanket (also for warmth as flights can be very cold)
  • Rubbish bags
  • Baby food utensils and cups
  • Toys that baby hasn’t seen before
  • A jacket and cap for small babies
  • Healthy snacks like dried or fresh fruit
  • A dummy for those who make use of one

This list was sent by the good people of Pampers Premium Care
Pampers Premium Care

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  1. It is hard work to travel with a little one...so much to remember.


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