Thursday, 27 December 2012

Best of festive wishes!

I hope you had a great festive season with your loved ones!
We had such a great time with the families on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day!
This is what Christmas time is all about - spending time with the family! (Or that is what we think it is!)
Our little one had the best of times, and she was all wide-eyed about Father Christmas and the presents!
It's the start of another few years of Christmas traditions, such as a cup of milk and cookies for Father Christmas! (See photo)
We are taking a break and chilling at the moment! 

Hope you are taking a rest as well?
Enjoy these special times with your families!


  1. Hope you hve a wonderful tithe best for 2013 xx

  2. You are absolutely right christmas is the time to spend it with family and the homeless guy you found on the street, oh wait..I'm thinking of the movie 'Pay it forward', I didn't brough a homeless guy into the house.


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