Monday, 10 December 2012

The Christmas tree & Lights

The Christmas tree went up this weekend.

This December feels like it is slipping by so fast!
I would have liked to put the tree up earlier...

Luckily the Toddler loved decorating it, and between her and her sister it went up in a jiffy!

Last night we went for our usual drive to the house with the most Christmas lights (Cnr of Appelblaar & Mopani in Randpark Ridge) we know in our area. They have even more lights up than the previous year!

I had a special day with the Toddler today. The school is closed, and we are struggling to make plans of what to do with her. Luckily there's a Granny and Grandpa, as well as my aunt. (Thank you! Thank you!)

It is a huge headache for working parents when schools are closed for the season!

Today made me realise of how much we are missing. There were so many sayings that I would have missed...

- Apparently she has two books of God. One of God, and one of Jesus.
- God loves children and wants to hug them. Adults just a little bit!
- We saw a car with pink wheels, and Jesus loves that person even more by given him/her the pink wheels.
- She wonders where God is staying, and if He is alone?
- The angels are getting old, and He is getting lonely!

I got to make a Christmas list of the things she wants from Father Christmas:

1. Ear rings (it involves ear piercings) > Where do we go to find a place that will shoot in both at the same time?
2. A new dress.
3. A tray with clay.
4. Make-up.
5. Leappad apps.
6. New shoes with heals.
7. A guitar.

It was a great day with my little one!

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  1. Go to the closest DIschem - they do both ears at the same time, and with great care.

    Love the GOd and Jesus thoughts - very precious

  2. I simply love christmas decorations!
    The chemist in the woolies centre on Linksfield road (Opposite Saheti School) also does both ears at once. good luck x

  3. Merry the list xx

  4. Make up and shoes with have a real girly girl there.

  5. Tamryn Paley at
    14 Appelblaar Avenue Randpark Ridge left a message on my 2011 post about the lights - so good to hear about their great work:


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