Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Big Bug Expo

Big Bugs metal art by David Huni

The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens has a Big Bug Expo currently on show in the gardens. It's been on for awhile, but we went exploring yesterday on the public holiday.
It will still be on until 6 January.

Looking to spot those bugs

It helped to get the Toddler to run from one "bug" to another, and it was big excitement when she spotted one that we missed earlier.

There is so much to do and explore in the Gardens. 
I plan to go there this holiday again, because we found new pathways that we did not see on earlier visits. 
It is not only the route straight to the waterfall that makes you feel like you got out in nature!

The play area stays a winner!

The Toddler Fashionista ensemble of yesterday: Her Madagascar dress she got passed on from her sister that was bought by Debbie many moons ago, and the UGG winter boots she got as a present from Wynand from San Antonio.

It does not help to tell her the clothes are going to be uncomfortable for a day out in the sun!
"Resistance is futile!"

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(I see I am blogging quite regularly about the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens! It really is a nice place to go with children! :D )


  1. It is a lovely place to visit

  2. They should make those metal bugs robotic then control them with a remote, the kids will love that or they will get scared.

  3. A wonderful outing. I can just imagine how much my little ones would love running around there.


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