Friday, 14 December 2012

The advent calender is a real winner

We made our second advent calender for the little one!

For a second year in a row I used Cat at Juggling Act of Life's details and printed out the calender.

She can't wait each morning to open the window.

Each night she spent a lot of time standing in front of the calender and speculating what is inside, and when she will be able to open it!

We bought some chocolates, and stickers, and a little doll with accessories that are scattered around the boxes.

The balloons seem to be a big hit, but the Hello Kitty tongue tattoos does not work, and only makes her tongue black, and leaving a slimy cardboard taste in the mouth.

(I should have started to search for little things a lot earlier... Next year!!)

Thanks again, Cat!

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  1. Love that she loves it! Mine adores ours, I got lots of little things at CNA's party section this year.

  2. If I still had little ones in the house I would totally do it too. Maybe next year when Stefan is older.


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